WELCOME To Shortylegs Beauty Blog!!

Hello there sweethearts!

WELCOME to Shortylegs Beauty Blog!
For many years now I have been blogging on my old blog Beauty by Shortylegs and finally one day I realized I was not happy with the way that anything looked on the blog. I needed a change. A big change.
That is when I decided that my blog should move completely and I chose wordpress.
A long long time ago when I first started blogging I started on WordPress and then I chose to move my blog for some reason so you could kind of say that the circle is complete now that I am back on WordPress..

A few things concerning this blog and my old blog:
* I will NOT move any posts from my old blog to this blog. Instead I will link to old posts if I need to. I wanted a fresh start and moving blog posts from the old blog over here would not be a fresh start to me. I will never remove the old blog so anything I have done before will be there and the links will re-direct you over to that blog.
* I have bloglovin and e-mail follow on this blog and I hope that my followers from the old blog will join me over here on my new blog as well and of course I hope I will get new followers too
* Any series that I have started on my old blog will be continued here on this new blog, and as mentioned above, I will link to old posts as often as I feel that I need to link stuff

I really hope you will enjoy my new blog!!

Take care sweethearts



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