About Me & The Blog!!

Hello there sweethearts!

My name is Anna and Im a 29 year old girl living in Finland.
Im engaged to the love of my life and together we have a wonderful little 9 year old boy called Kimi… he is our cat 🙂
Im not a makeup artist or will I ever become one. I am just a girl with a bit too much makeup 😉
I love anything and everything that has to do with beauty.

I do have another makeup blog called Beauty by Shortylegs over at blogger.com.
I decided to move the blog cause I needed a fresh start. I did not like the look of my Beauty by Shortylegs blog so I decided that I needed to start all over with a new style and a new name 🙂
Shortylegs is my fiancés nickname for me, well one of them 🙂
I am rather short to Shortylegs is a pretty good nickname 😉
My goal is to blog every Monday-Friday but some times that may not work since Im a university student. My blogging is connected to the amount of school stuff I have to do 🙂

The idea to start a beauty blog in the first place came from my fiancé Freddi.
I have, as mentioned above, quite a lot of makeup and I wanted to make sure that I really put all of the makeup and nail polish that I have to good use.
I love creating makeup looks and nail art and to me makeup is not a way to hide your natural beauty, it is to enhance the beauty that you already have 🙂

I will not move any of my posts from my Beauty by Shortylegs blog to this blog. It will take too much time and as I already mentioned, I want this to be a new and fresh start 🙂
I hope you will enjoy my blog cause I sure LOVE to blog 🙂




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