Blog Problems and Confusion!!

Hi there sweethearts!

I have now been a blogger over at WordPress for a little while and I must say that I truly really miss my old Beauty by Shortylegs blog. I miss it a whole lot. I loved blogging there and it was easier with pictures and storage space and I have quite a lot subscribers there.
I know, I should not have moved the blog in the first place but I am a very impulsive person, I get an idea in my head and I act immediately without thinking about the consequences and what my actions might lead to.
I am not happy here on WordPress. I do not feel at home here and I would LOVE to start blogging again on blogger.
I am SO sorry to those who have ALREADY started to follow me on here.
You are all followers on my old blog and I promise I will NOT move blog ever again!! At least not if I do not have to…
I am really sorry for all of this confusion and messing around…
I promise I will stay at blogger from now on… well for as long as I can : )

The blog I will continue blogging on is
Beauty by Shortylegs