Hi sweeties!

Im so happy you took your time to visit this page! Please read through this page carefully…
I hope you will like to read my blog as much as I like to update it!!

* All of the photographs you see on my blog are photographed by ME! I ALWAYS put a (c) Anna on photos I photograph of views, flowers, animals, insects etc. If I photograph my eye, my nails etc I do not put the (c) Anna tag on the pictures. I ALWAYS state who has inspired me and I ALWAYS link to their blog and/or youtube page. If I borrow pictures from the Internet I ALWAYS state where they are from. If the person does not have a page where you can visit them I will write out the name instead. Any content and/or information taken from this blog in any form (uploading, posting, duplicating, republishing, copying, hotlinking etc etc) without you having the permission to do so is NOT recommended and is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and WILL BE held against you. If I see any of my photographs or content from this blog without a link back to this blog or if you have not written that you took the info from this blog and that I am the original writer, I WILL TAKE FURTHER ACTION = the police will get involved.

* Most of the items that I review or show in my hauls are bought WITH MY OWN MONEY. If the things have been a gift then I will say so in the blog post. Im not getting payed to like a company, I do not write about a companys products cause they pay me to do so. If I write a lot about lets say Lumene or Make Up Store (for example) it is cause I LOVE those brands (because they work the best for my skin for example) and cause I have a lot of products from them.. bought with my own money…I also buy a lot of products from the brands that are the most affordable over here.

* I do not always have time to update the blog. I am in university and that takes a lot of my time. I also want to spend time with my fiancé, my mum and dad and friends. The blog is a hobby (together with photography and art) and I dont want to feel forced to write something just to write. I dont want this to be a stress for me. When I have something to write I will write about it. I may not get a big blog or a lot of readers cause of this, but I dont need a big blog. I love all of my readers and I want my readers to feel I deliever something great and not just random shit 🙂

* I ALWAYS answer your comments in the comments field here on my blog. I hit the reply button on your comment and answer. I do this so that people wont get irritated and think that I just answer them to get readers to my own blog. I love getting comments and I want you to know that I always answer. I visit my favorite blogs almost everyday and I comment on them almost everyday. 

* I collect makeup and jewelry just like anyone else would collect stamps, stones etc. I choose to put a SMALL amount of money on beauty/jewelry stuff to kind of give myself something nice. I know friends sometimes thinks its funny or they get mad at me when I can´t come to the pub with them. I don´t care much about the pub.. don´t think I sit at home playing with makeup all the time. I just have other hobbies that I love to do more than going to pubs. I love art and photography and for me beauty and makeup is a way to express your beauty and to create art with your face and body as a canvas.
When I grow up.. my children (whether it be boy or girl) will have loads of jewelry to choose from.. if theyd want it.. so I dont see my collecting as a waste. I also give a lot of makeup, nail polish etc away to friends and family when I do not feel that I need it anymore or use it as much as I think the product deserves to be used. I also throw

* Its MY money and I do take care of my economy. I pay my bills and I take care of my family (me myself, my fiancé and our cat). Me and my fiancé shares everything we buy for the household (food etc) and he also buy stuff for himself so why can´t I do the same? I buy family and friends gifts for their birthdays and for Christmas and other days when you give presents so don´t think that I spend everything on myself…




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