My Top 15 Spring Nail Polishes

Hello there sweethearts!

You have no idea how long it has taken me to write this post. I had problems with the pictures cause I know that WordPress have a limited picture space for free bloggers and I did not want to put too many pictures in to this post. I made collages and it took FOREVER!! They do not look they way I want them to look but it will just have to do cause I do not have the patience to work on it anymore.. Patience is not my strongest side ; )

So let´s get started shall we?
Oh and I will link to my old blog where I have worn some of these polishes. If there is not a link I do not have a post for it and that means that I will show it here on the blog in a future post..

I tried to narrow it down to 5-10 polishes but that was just not going to happen. I had to include 15 cause I just adore these polishes and I seem to always reach for these kinda color during spring/summer.
nails1Above we have the first 6 polishes : )
From left to right:
1) OPI Just Lanai-ing Around – This is one of the newest polishes in my nail polish collection and I just know I will wear it a ton this spring/summer. Some may consider this to be a autumn color but I think it reminds me of a flower. This nail polish is part of OPIs Spring 2015 Collection called Hawaii. This polish has a subtle silver shimmer running through it but it is not that very visible unless you stare really really closely at your nails in direct sunlight.
2) OPI Don´t Bossa Nova Me Around – This OPI polish was part of the Spring 2014 Collection called Brazil. I first heard of this polish from Nicole (Young Wild and Polished on Youtube) and decided that I just had to get it. She loves this nail polish and I can truly understand why. It is a nude with pink tones in it and it is so stunning. I love wearing this cause it makes my nails look so neat and lovely.
3) OPI I Just Can´t Cope-acabana – Also part of the Spring 2014 Brazil Collection. This is my nr 1 favorite yellow polish of all time. It is so darn wonderful that when I wear it I keep staring at my nails.
4) OPI Don´t Talk Bach To Me – This polish was part of the Fall 2012 Collection called Germany. This polish just screams spring to me… and Shrek. It reminds me of Shrek. It is a yellow toned green. It does have some very subtle silver shimmer in it but you can´t really see it if you are in an environment where the lighting is a bit off.
5) CHINA GLAZE Papaya Punch – This was part of the Island Escape collection that China Glaze releazed for Summer 2011. This is my favorite orange nail polish of all time. I just wish the brush was different cause I am so not a fan of the thin round brushes. The color is amazing though. It has a cream formula and I consider this a very close to neon color but it is not quite a neon. It is not far from it though.
6) ISADORA Forest – This was part of a collection that IsaDora releazed for Autumn 2011 called Forest Groove. It is a STUNNING mossy green color with golden micro glitter running through. Because of the base color the glitter looks olive green but in my eyes it is gold.

All of the above polishes are opaque in two coats. Papaya Punch can be a tad bit streaky but it is still opaque to the max with two coats.

nails3Above we have 5 more polishes
From left to right:
7) AVON Divine Lime – A stunning yellow toned green (again) that just screams spring to me. When I see this I´m reminded of the color that the new leaves on Birches have and the color of the new grass. It has light green shimmer running through it and it is so darn stunning that it is insane. Whenever I wear this I get compliments.
8) MAXFACTOR Heavenly Parme – This is a milky pink/lilac color with tons of blue/green/pink/gold shimmer in it. When you have it on your nails you can see the blue/green shimmer and it is just so stunning. It is so darn stunning it is insane!!
9) KICKS Botanica – A wonderful light blue/grey polish that almost lean to a sky blue on the nails. So darn beautiful and it is one of my absolute favorite blue polishes.
10) ESSIE Navigate Her – This was part of the Spring 2012 collection called Navigate Her. This is also one of my absolute favorite green colors. I almost don´t want to use it cause I don´t want to run out of it. It is so darn stunning that it is insane. It screams spring to me.
11) ESSIE Bikini So Teeny – This is best described as a periwinkle blue with loads of subtle silver shimmer in it. You can see the shimmer better in the bottle than on the actual nails. Stunning!

I use two coats for full opacity for all of these polishes except for Heavenly Parme. I have to use three coats with that one to get it to the opacity that I want. Bikini So Teeny is a bit hard to polish with cause it is rather watery but if you make sure to get off some polish from the brush before you apply to the nail you can get away with two coats. I usually only have to use two coats with it..

Then it is time for the last 4 polishes in this post : )
As usual I go through them from left to right

nails212) ESSIE Eternal Optimist – So how should I describe this color. A spicy peachy rose? It is a stunning color and I love this so much that I am drawn to it every time Im in a store that sells Essie. I go to the Essie display and I always grab this one with the intent of buying it and then I realize that I already have it. I adore this color so much.
13) Essie Bangle Jangle – This was part of the Winter 2011 Collection called Cocktail Bling. This is a dusty lilac color that is so darn beautiful on the nails. Whenever I wear this I have someone asking me what Im wearing.
14) LUMENE Apple Basket – An amazing red nail polish. I just adore this. I love wearing this shade on my lips too and this polish is just STUNNING on the nails.
15) H&M Free Your Mind – This nail polish has a clear base and it is filled with tiny light orange, white and green hexagons, biggers blue hexagons, big pink and big white hexagons. Stunning topper and it reminds me of easter eggs.

All of the last four nail polishes are opaque in two coats, except for Free Your Mind. It is a topper and I used two coats for the swatch : )

I hope you liked this post!
Love you all VERY MUCH!!